Compare how the use of war imagery is presented in 'Nettles' and Manhunt

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Compare how the use of war imagery is presented in Nettles and one other poem from relationships.

Both Vernon Scannell and Simon Armitage show imagery of war through the poems ‘Nettles’ and ‘Manhunt’. Vernon Scannell uses personification, to bring human qualities to the poem and Simon Armitage uses metaphors to bring interpretation to ‘Manhunt’.

Both ‘Nettles’ and ‘Manhunt’ use imagery of war, to bring an effect on the reader, for example in ‘Nettles’ he uses army term names e.g. “Spears”, “regiment” and “fallen dead”. The use of the violent and excessive objects, against something so harm less, the nettles shows his love and need of protection for his son, furthermore the use of the violent object for such insignificant event, could suggest the father has been through a traumatic event in the war. The effect on the reader is to imagine a loved one in a situation where they are hurt and how they would react. Similarly the narrator in ‘Manhunt’ uses imagery of war in a different way, he uses war to show how the injuries that occurred have injured and hurt him. “Parachute silk of his punctured lung”. The word silk suggests how delict and precious he is, however it is unusual that he portrays the parachute as delicate as it should be sturdy and strong, this shows how fragile he is and how he needs protecting. This makes the reader wonder how they can’t take anything for granted and every moment should be treasured. Conversely Nettles and Manhunt both use different methods to present war. Vernon Scannell personifies the nettles to present war, “regiment of spite” the word regiment suggests a group of people; this could suggest that the nettles did not just hurt the three year old they also hurt him. Whereas Simon Armitage uses metaphors to present war “bind the struts and climb the rungs of his broken ribs” the word “bind” suggest that the wife is beginning to heal and fix the husband, the effect of this on the reader is that you should never give up, and always try and make things better.
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Similarly Nettles and Manhunt both use simple rhyme, however the simple cheerful rhyme e.g. in Nettles “skin” and “grin” and in Manhunt “trace” and “face” contrast with the serious matter highlighting the complexity of the situations. Nettles uses alliteration unlike Manhunt “blisters bleeding” this suggests the pain the boy is going through. The word “bleeding” suggest excessive pain, the repetition could suggest the father’s long pain and guilt he will feel after the event is over, this makes the reader feels sorry and makes them think to be careful of the actions they make. Whereas in Manhunt the ...

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