Compare how visual images are used in"Blessing" and one other poem (Vultures) to highlight political issues

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Compare how visual images are used in “Blessing” and one other poem (Vultures) to highlight political issues.

The poet of Blessing Imtiaz Dharker and the poet of Vultures Chinua Achebe both use visual images to highlight the political issues in both poems. However both poems are very different from each other and contrast from of the poets’ views.  The poem Blessing is about a water pipe bursting and how that is a blessing, as in the country they live in water is very limited and it doesn’t rain much in the country. The poem Vultures is about the evil of war and how evil always has good and good always has evil. The contrast in the two poems is Blessing is about Poverty and lack of water, whereas Vultures is about war and ethnic dying.  

In the poem Blessing the poet discusses the theme of third world poverty and the lack of water through using different language feature. For example line one “The skin cracks like a pod.” Using like in the sentence it shows that the poet is comparing dry skin to a pod, a pod dries out till it crack.  There is also onomatopoeia used in this poem, “sliver crashes to the ground” crash is normally a negative onomatopoeia as the first thing that may come to our head may be car crash; however it is used as a positive as it is used with silver. Silver is a value metal and is precious, this shows how precious the water was to them. In the poem Vultures the poet discusses the theme of war and ethnic dying by using different language features. For example in Vultures the poet has used repetition of death and negative vocabulary a number of different times. “perching high on broken bone of a dead tree” in the phrase there are tow negative words. These negative words show that the Vultures are deadly however they are still important to exist in the wild.

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The poem with the title “Blessing” is a metaphor. After the first time in reading the poem the first thing that comes to mind would when it water in the country they people find it as a blessing, “the sudden rush of fortune” fortune is a positive word which represents the riches, values and wealth. On the other hand after reading the poem a couple of times we realise that the pipe bursting is not a blessing. “The municipal pipe bursts,” the pipe in the village bursts this is a tragedy as the village will not water for a ...

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