Compare the ways an event is described in blessing with one other poem.

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"Compare the ways an event is descried in blessing with one other poem."

In 'Blessing' there is one main event; a municipal water pipe bursts upon a dry desert like country suffering from drought. In this essay I will be comparing the way Imtiaz Dharker describes the main event in 'Blessing' and the way Grace Nichols describes the main event in 'Island Man.'

'Blessing' is a poem about a hot, dry country, suffering from water drought and poverty, and how one day a miracle happens and a water pipe bursts spreading excitement and happiness everywhere.

'Island Man' is about a man who has come from peaceful island life to a busy city life in London, and how he always dreams of his island until he wakes up each day and remembers he is no longer there.

I believe the structure of the stanzas in blessing are very closely related to the theme of water in Blessing. For example the first stanza is 2 lines long; this could symbolize the fact that there is drought, poverty, and very little; how there 'never is enough water'. The second stanza is 4 lines long and the stanza speaks of little but some water- 'imagine the drip of it'. The third stanza is the longest and here is when the municipal pipe bursts. It is 11 lines long and this could illustrate the huge flow of water and bursts of excitement that occur as the water flows free. 'Silver crashes to the ground and the flow has found a roar of tongues'. The length of stanzas in this poem reflects the progression of the flow of water and events. Island Man does not seem to follow this pattern however the stanzas towards the end of the poem do seem to be generally shorter, but varied. 'to surge of wheels.', 'to dull North Circular roar.' This shoes how Island Man is steadily coming back to reality from in and out of his dreams.
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Not only does Blessing show a development through its structure, but also its language; 'drip', 'splash', 'flow'; 'voice', 'roar', 'screaming'. The use of these onomatopoeias builds the image of people and children becoming progressively excited, and also again reflects the way Imtiaz Dharker describes the water. Island Man does also show a development of an event through language however it is shown through use of repetition; 'groggily groggily', 'muffling muffling'. By use of repetition on these words we see Island Man's gradual recovery from his false sense of reality, his dreams, and it seems as if he cannot ...

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