Compare Three Poems Discussing The Different Types Of Love - one flesh - our love now - Stanza

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Compare Three Poems Discussing The Different Types Of Love?

One of the poems I have chosen is ‘One Flesh’. It is written in the first person but describes the parent’s of the writer so all but the last line is in the third person.

In stanza 1 he holds a book as they lie in two separate beds, reading with the light on, this is an unromantic activity. There is a feeling of waiting as if what happened before has gone away and they need something new.

Stanza 2 shows something left over from a past explosion, they do not need physical contact. If they do touch it is an apology for the loss of feeling they once had. Their previous life has lead up to this condition of chastity.

Stanza 3 tells the reader that even though they are separated there seems to be a bond between them. They relies that they are old and the passion they had to create the author is not there anymore. The stillness and silence of the pair shows an acceptance of their fate; they shred so many memories of life together, they have forged a band that cannot be described in words.

The poem is written in a regular pattern of meter and rhyme consisting of three sideline stanzas, they are tightly controlled like the emotions of the two people in the poem.

The effect that the metre and rhymes is of gentleness and smoothness, this suits the subject of the poem well, there is an undertone of gentle sadness at the human condition.

‘Our Love Now’ is a poem that consists of 8 stanzas, set on opposite sides of the page to suggest confliction of ideas, two people speaking to each other but from different sides of the pitch.

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The make statements in turn. The man is optimistic and thinks that the love can survive and rift between them will cure. The woman is demanding, she wants loyalty and respect, but also believes that it is beyond repair and they will not get back together.

The poem is made out of eight stanzas in free verse. In each stanza when the man speaks he finds the positive in everything while the woman finds something slightly negative in the same thing.

In stanza one the man uses the example of skin healing over a wound but in ...

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