Comparing and Contrasting between two peoms

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Comparing and contrasting between two poems

In this essay I am going to look at the differences and similarities between two cultural poems. I will look at the language used by the poets to describe the different cultures and I will also look at the imagery used to portray the cultures in the poems. The two poems I will be looking at is ‘Island man by Grace Nichols’ and ‘Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker’

The poem ‘Island Man’ is about a Caribbean Island man who lives in London and still wakes up to the sound of the sea and the poem ‘Blessing’ is about a third world country who have hardly any water and can’t wait for the water pipe to burst so that they can have some more water for a while.

        Island Man is broken up into four stanza’s with one line at the end on it’s own. The first stanza is where he is waking up after dreaming about the island and he is slowly coming back from his dream. In this stanza they have used a metaphor ‘wombing’, which is actually a made up word, however, this word makes you think that he could have possibly grown up here as the word gives the impression that he feels a sense of safety towards the island and so he could have grown up there. It also uses sibilance with the words ‘Surf, steady and wakes’. This creates a calm and gentle mood for the island where ‘Island Man’ possibly grew up. The second Stanza is also about him waking up from his dream and coming back from the island in his head and also expands on the image created in the first stanza. The first line ‘Wild seabirds’ gives you the feeling that on this island you are free and you can relax and have fun without being stressed out all the time. There is an adverb ‘defiantly’ used on the third line to describe the sun ‘Sun surfacing defiantly’ this is a lexical field, creating the image of independence or refusing to be organized. Also the word ‘emerald’ has been used to describe the island, this suggests that the island is precious to him and that it has many vivid colours whish are really special to him. Then the last line of the second stanza is stood out from the rest of the poem ‘groggily groggily’ is used to describe the him coming back from the island to the stress of everyday life, and it emphasises the way that he doesn’t want to come back.

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        The third and fourth stanza’s are about him waking up from his dream about the island and realises that he is in London and not where he wants to be. ‘Grey metallic soar’ and ‘Dull, north circular roar’ are used to describe London as really dull and having a lack of colour, whereas the island appeared to be very colourful, for example ‘ Blue surf’ and ‘sun surfacing defiantly’ and ‘emerald island’. Also in the third stanza the third line stands out from the rest of the poem ‘ Surge of wheels’, this is describing the sharp sound of London ...

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