Comparing Crooks and Candy in the novel 'Of Mice and Men'

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Comparing Crooks and Candy in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’

    John Steinbeck,  in the novel  ‘Of mice and men’, creates the two characters Crooks and Candy, who on the surface appear overtly different. However, Steinbeck establishes throughout the  novel that underneath the surface the two characters are very similar.

  Due to the colour of Crook’s skin , and the old age of Candy, both the characters fall prey to discrimination that leads to isolation.  As Crooks is a victim to the racism evoked upon him, he is forced to live alone. This is because of the unjust prejudice of that period in time. Steinbeck cleverly conveys Crooks feelings towards his discrimination, by the statement ‘glittering with intensity’ when describing his eyes. This clearly conveys to the reader the anger he feels due the unjust prejudice he is a victim of. Whereas, Although Candy  lives with the other workers he is still subtly discriminated against. This becomes apparent when  the workers shoot Candy’s dog because it is no longer useful. Steinbeck uses this to as a metaphor, and to also echo the fact that soon Candy will be no longer useful, due to his age and will not be wanted by the ranch.

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     Moreover, since  Steinbeck  does not refer to both characters by name he indicates as to how they may be portrayed. As Crooks is firstly described by the racist term ‘nigger’, and Candy as ‘The old swamper’, Steinbeck cleverly uses these terms to enlighten us as to how the workers see them.  Steinbeck isolates both characters, to demonstrate the lack of morality and injustice of society during that period.

    In view of the isolation Crooks and Candy are subjected to, both characters have a dread of ending their lives alone. Which is why the characters have a ...

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