comparing porphyria's lover and the sisters

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Compare and contrast the presentation of jealousy and obsession

In ` Porphyria’s Lover ` by Browning and ` The Sisters ` by Tennyson.

  Jealousy and obsession are themes that occur in the poems ` Porphyria’s Lover ` and ` The Sisters `. Browning and Tennyson were both writers who wrote in the Victorian era. But they came from different backgrounds. Browning was middle-class and lived in London, where as Tennyson was poor and lived in Lincolnshire. As they were contempories they wrote poems about things that were popular at the time. Both of the poems are Dramatic monologues, but ` The Sisters ` takes a ballard form. Because ` Prophyria’s Lover ` does not take the form of a ballard and reads in one whole verse it reads like a confession. The time that they were writing in was heavily industrialised and was very dark. This lead to a lot of murders and muggings. Because of this the public was very interested in horror and murder and as Browning and Tennyson’s poems were about this they were extremely popular.

  In ` Porphyria’s Lover ` the narrator is very jealous of Porphyria. This may be because she is very much higher than him in society, so they couldn’t be a couple because if anyone found out she would be a fallen woman. When the narrator realises that he could never have her for real, he strangles her with her own hair after she says that she loves him.

  Pathetic Fallacy gives us a good idea of the mood of the poem. “The rain set early into night, the sullen wind was soon awake, it tore from the elm tops down for spite, and did its worse to vex the lake.” Straight away this gives the reader a picture of an unsettled atmosphere, and also expresses the narrators mood as quite dark and disturbed. Porphyria also has a strong effect on the narrator. “She shut out the cold and the storm, and kneeled and made the cheerless grate, blaze up and all the cottage warm.” It is like she has a warming effect on him, which shows how much he loves her. This is also the first we to hear of his obsession with her, this is because it is like as if she comes in and everything is better. The narrator has strong feelings for Prophyria. “I listened with heart fit to break.” This is as if he is eagerly waiting for her. This is also another example of his obsession with her, because it seems he has nothing else to do but wait for her to come round for the odd visit when she can. Because she is higher in society she calls the shots in the relationship.

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  The main reason why the narrator eventually kills Porphyria in the end is because they can’t be together. “From pride, and vainer ties dissever, and give herself to me forever.” In the quote it explains how Porphyria can’t be with the narrator because she would have to drop down classes to be with the lower class narrator. If she did this she would be a fallen women and would be disgraced. Therefore she doesn’t want to do this because of the harsh consequences that she would face. This could also where we can start to see the narrator being ...

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