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Comparing Texts - 'Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People In A Mercedes' - by Lawrence Ferlenghetti and 'Blessing' - By Imtiaz Dharka.

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Lorna Greville 10 FP Comparing Texts- 'Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People In A Mercedes' -by Lawrence Ferlenghetti and 'Blessing' - By Imtiaz Dharka Each poem is presented in a very different way to one another, both in appearance, content and structure, and yet, at the broadest level, a similar theme is present. The first and most obvious difference is the appearance, the layout. in 'Two Scavengers...' the lines are alternating from right hand justified to left, giving the impression of opposites and contrast. However in 'Blessing' the layout is much simpler, perhaps reflecting the way of life that the poem talks about. In 'two scavengers...' the nature of this theme focuses on the on the society of a 'democracy' and shows the contrasts between the two groups of people. It separates them into these groups by placing the 'beautiful people in a Mercedes' on a metaphorical pedestal. It creates this separation between the fantasy of, perhaps, the infamous 'American dream' and the reality of American life. Whereas in 'Blessing' the deprivation is much simpler, it is a physical lacking in, specifically water. ...read more.


In 'Blessing' there are many more metaphorical phrases used, which is one of the strong points to this poem and is a well used litery-device. An example of this is ' and naked children screaming in the liquid sun, their highlights polished to perfection flashing light as the blessing sings,' within this one short quote from this poem there are 3 metaphors, the first and probably most significant being 'liquid sun.' This is portraying the water, shown by saying 'liquid.' Its main point, though is to show the importance of water. The sun, also mentioned is significant because it is the giver of light and more importantly life, it's the cause of their terrible suffering but without it they would die, water is also a giver of life, without both of these none of us would be alive, and so it shows how incredibly important the water is to them. Another metaphor that is just as significant is 'the blessing sings,' because singing in almost every culture is a way of showing celebration and rejoicing. ...read more.


'Blessing' uses shorter lines, maybe to show a limit from before the water came they had a limit on how much water they could get their hands on to drink, the same feelings stayed on, even though they have all this water they have to be careful, because you never know how soon or if it will all get taken away. In conclusion the poems at first glance are very different, about different people, cultures and situations. Both poems made good use of similes, metaphors and other poetic devices but in very different ways. However the poems do have one very important thing in common, and that is what lies beneath, and that is this underlying theme, which is, wealth and deprivation. The way the garbage men were in complete awe of those beautiful people in a beautiful car, is more about the wealth and deprivation of society, whereas the blessing was a different kind of wealth, it was completely natural, something that all people should have, but something that these people need so much, a physical need. Both poems when compared against each other, though not when looked at separately, show us that our different cultures usually have the same underlying feelings (theme) but are always different in content. ...read more.

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