Comparing Texts - 'Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People In A Mercedes' - by Lawrence Ferlenghetti and 'Blessing' - By Imtiaz Dharka.

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 Comparing Texts-

‘Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People In A Mercedes’ -by Lawrence Ferlenghetti



– By Imtiaz Dharka

 Each poem is presented in a very different way to one another, both in appearance, content and structure, and yet, at the broadest level, a similar theme is present.

 The first and most obvious difference is the appearance, the layout. in ‘Two Scavengers…’ the lines are alternating from right hand justified to left, giving the impression of  opposites and contrast. However in ‘Blessing’ the layout is much simpler, perhaps reflecting the way of life that the poem talks about.

 In ‘two scavengers…’ the nature of this theme focuses on the on the society of a ‘democracy’ and shows the contrasts between the two groups of people. It separates them into these groups by placing the ‘beautiful people in a Mercedes’ on a metaphorical pedestal. It creates this separation between the fantasy of, perhaps, the infamous ‘American dream’ and the reality of American life.

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 Whereas in ‘Blessing’ the deprivation is much simpler, it is a physical lacking in, specifically water. It describes the yearning for and end to a drought and then the sheer joy when the monsoon finally comes.

 The difference between fantasy and reality is effectively shown throughout ‘two scavengers…’ using various poetic and litery- devices, such as similes. One instance of this is ‘and both scavengers gazing down as if from a great distance, at the cool couple, as if they were watching some odourless T.V ad,’ this quote shows that to the garbage men, these ‘beautiful people in a Mercedes’ ...

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