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Comparison Between Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry And The Son’s Veto

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Comparison Between Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry And The Son's Veto Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry takes place during the 1930's in rural Mississippi. The setting of Mississippi has an important effect on the story in that the white people there were very r****t. The point of view in this novel basically creates the whole story because it is a child telling the story instead of the usual adult. Cassie Logan tells the story in extreme detail, since everything in the story has to do with her life and innocence. The mood is also an important factor in the story suspense, happiness and peace all as one. The protagonist in this story is the Logans and the antagonists are the Wallaces. They are just the main protagonists and antagonists. In general, the protagonists are all of the black people, and the antagonists are all the white people. The Wallaces are a family who owns a grocery store, but they are very prejudiced. They treat black people with no respect and are very cruel towards them. The white people acted hateful towards the black people in ways like of the KKK. The Logans are peaceful people who are trying to end the hate and help everyone get along. ...read more.


Everyone around the fire was either trying to hang someone or trying not to be hung. When the fire started, everyone changed what they were doing to help put out the fire. The climax of this story is when everyone is helping o put out the fire; black or white, they all worked as one without hate or dislike. This would also be considered the resolution because the prejudice is gone for a moment. The falling action is when the fire is out and everyone goes home. There are several themes of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry. One of them could be best described as when someone feels that all is bad, he can still have the pride of his family and friends. Courage comes only to those who earn it could be another theme. The last theme involves the difficult situation life presents and a need to stand tall. This book, I think, was well written to let people see things through a child's eyes and experience their innocence and disbelief in the cruelties of life brought in by r****m and prejudice. The lesson I learned in reading Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry is that when people are found to be tough they can be; especially a child. ...read more.


The story is set out in an excellent style because it tells us the current predicament that she is in at the moment and then tells us how she became placed in that predicament this is a difficult style to write in but it may become easier to a more advanced writer because he can choose the ending to the story before he has actually written the story. There is no real major accomplishment in this story unlike roll of thunder when there is an actual climax to the story, the only reel thing the story has is a moral to it which I think is no matter how nice you are to your own children they always think that they are better than you even if they would not even be there without you, They are also ungrateful. Randolph is an arrogant, self-centred, spoilt schoolboy who has never been challenged in his life so he thinks that he is the dominant person in the group so he will continue to act like this until he is challenged. I think Sophy needs to stand up for herself and not be bullied into the easy road out which is acceptance she should be the one who challenges his authority. ...read more.

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