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Comparison Coursework between an extract from The Colour

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Comparison Coursework between an extract from The Colour Purple and 1984 For part of our Drama coursework we used an extract from a book by Alice Walker, called the colour purple. The content of this extract was quite emotional as the character in the extract is describing her deepest and darkest feelings about her and her husband in the extract. The character in the extract is called Netti, she is a woman and she lives with her partner Harpo; in the extract she describes Harpo to be a brutal and violent man, who beats her often. For another art of our drama coursework we also studied an extract from George Orwell's Novel 1984. ...read more.


We did this exercise to help us get to grips with the character of Netti and this allows us to be able to play her better, and allows us to know her character better. To help us understand the character of Winston better we did a verbal brainstorming session where members of the class simply told everybody else what type of person they thought that Winston was, people in the class room found this difficult because we weren't given enough information about Winston in the extract. To help us try to understand what Winston was going through we also did role play of scenes of us being tortured mentally and physically, when we did this we used cross cutting, freeze frames and slow motion to depict mental and physical torture. ...read more.


We not only explored the character of Netti we also had to explore the character of Harpo we also did this in detail but maybe not as much detail as we used when we were learning about the character of Netti. We explored the character of Harpo in role play; the teacher split the class up into two groups and then told us to act out a night out with Harpo's mates at the pub. Both groups showed him to be quite aggressive and both groups also showed him to be quite timid and quite person, which was the whole idea of it. We also explored the character of the man questioning Winston in the extract he is known as O'Brien. We explored his character using the role play technique we used earlier for looking at Winston's character. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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