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Comparison Essay: The Shades of Spring & Things by D.H Lawrence. An analysis on how D.H Lawrence portrays the theme of freedom his two stories.

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IB English James Heim Essay December 2003 DYP English Comparison Essay: The Shades of Spring & Things by D.H Lawrence An analysis on how D.H Lawrence portrays the theme of freedom his two stories In the two narratives, The Shades of Spring and Things by D.H Lawrence, the theme of freedom is portrayed through the text. In both stories, Lawrence attempts to express his own views of freedom and tries to explain to the reader why it is important that people have freedom, in whatever context, today. Each short story reveals a theme of freedom, although the style in which D.H Lawrence represents that freedom varies between each narrative. The two stories have two totally different plots, character personalities, and ideas. Along with this both stories describe many different themes. However, Lawrence seems to have brought up the theme of freedom in both of these stories, most probably to emphasise the importance of the ability and to try to get the reader to appreciate the fact that he or she should be thankful that they have freedom today. In the Shades of Spring, freedom is depicted through descriptions involving the environment and the nature surrounding it. ...read more.


Like it says in the story, "the family living free is the answer to a beautiful life." In the opening paragraph of the story, Lawrence emphasises that no matter what else was going on with the family, they were free, and that is all that matters. This is clear when Lawrence states, "still - they were free. Free!" He also says later that, "to be free is to live one's own life!" In this quote Lawrence makes, he expresses his own opinion on freedom. Valerie, the main character, has an ambition to live a free life in this story. This is apparent when we see how much Valerie pushes her son Erasmus to lead the same life as her. She forces him to live a life similar to that of the American dream, and exclaims how "giving up his freedom would mean giving up his full and beautiful life". The words 'full and beautiful life' seem to appear many times throughout the text, and seem to pose some importance for Lawrence himself. An interesting point to make about this story is the fact that America itself is used as a symbol, of an un-free country in the story. ...read more.


Even though Lawrence uses different techniques to describe his theme on freedom, his opinion and his personal message to the reader appears to be the same. This message is that we should be thankful that we are free and able to do whatever we want and what is best for us, without someone having to make our minds up for us. In a simple context, he is trying to say that if we have freedom we can live a happy life. Lawrence must have had some personal motivation to include this theme in more than one story. We can also see this theme being used in other D.H Lawrence stories, another good example being The Horse Dealer's Daughter. In this story the main theme being represented was that 'life controls us'. This is connected to Freedom again, as we see in this story, Mabel, the main character, can't control her life, and we see a depressing life being formed at the start of the story, as a result of this. Lawrence is trying to tell people to turn this around, make yourself control your life, and be independent, because at the end of the day, it is freedom that makes us happy. ...read more.

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