Comparison of 'Charge of the light brigade' and 'Dulce et decorum est'

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Comparing the two war poem

Charge Of The Light Brigade was written by the poet Alfred Tennyson and is about the crimson war in 1854. This is shown in Charge Of The Light Brigade because they were using horses, cannons and swords so this gives us a round about  time period to guess the year. The Dulce Et Decorum Est was written by poet Wilfred Owen and is about world war 1 in 1914-18. We can guess somewhere around the year because in the poem they had vehicles.

Charge Of The Light Brigade is about the crimson war and the miscommunication that the commander and his troops had. The troops were sent to capture the guns but did not know which set to get. This was a silly mistake which left the troops surrounded. I think the poet chose to write about this part of the war because it was a crucial part and it was almost the deciding point of who would win the war. However Dulce Et Decorum Est is about the horror of war and an account of a man that saw and was part of it all. This man saw the men march, cough like hags and most importantly a man choke from all the gas right in front of him. I think the audience for this poem is the slightly older audience because it was a bit tricky to fully understand on your first read.

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Both poems use language to make effect and in Dulce Et Decorum Est he uses this, for example, “Guttering, choking, drowning.” This makes the poem interesting and  powerful. “Gas!, Gas! Quick boys!” This gives the poem a pace. “Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots.” This gives an image in your mind. Also the poet uses things like assonance, “five-nines”, onomatopoeia, “Gas! Gas!” and similes, “Like a devils sin.” These all are added for effect. Although, Charge Of The Light Brigade also uses language for effect, for example, “cannon to right of them, cannon to left of them, cannon ...

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