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Comparison of 'Desiree's baby' and 'The story of an hour'

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Comparison of 'Desiree's baby' and 'The story of an hour' By Kate Chopin Essay written by Gareth Flowers For my coursework I will compare both short story's whom where written by a woman which was very unusual for that day and age. The author's pen name was Kate Chopin. Kate Chopin was in fact born Katherine O'Flaherty to a prominent St. Louis family. People assume she wrote 'Desiree's baby' somewhere around the end of the eighteen hundreds as the exact date is not known. It is largely agreed that 'The story of an hour' was written in 1899. Both story's have a theme of r****m and carry a clear lable of the thaught of what a woman's place in society in the antebellum period was. The Antebellum Period is often considered to have begun with the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, though it is sometimes argued to stretch back as early as 1812. I also have noticed some irony in the story a recurring theme in the writing style. Desiree's baby The story was written during an era when r****m was everywhere.It is thought that out of the two this story was written first. ...read more.


It is suggested by the writing she kills herself and her child in the bayou (A very wet and cold marshy area often populated with water reeds). Throughout this story the author tries to get the reader to have sympathy towards Desiree while displaying the different social issues of the time. When Madame Valmonde is traveling over to L' Abri to see her daughter Desiree and the baby. She says to herself "it seemed but yesterday that Desiree was little more than a baby herself". This tells us that Desiree is a very young and vulnerable which is another attempt to make the reader feel a little sympathy for her. The story of an hour I am going to write aboult the second of the two story's in this essay. The first bit of irony I detected is in the way that the main character reacts to the news of the death of her husband, Brently Mallard. Before Louise's reaction is revealed, Kate Chopin goes into detail how the widow feels by describing the world according to her view piont after the tragic news. ...read more.


Louise grows excited and begins to fantasize about living her life for herself. She starts to dream aboult the reveloutions that the day had brought her and the fact she could lead he own life. The realization that she will be the envy of every married woman in the land because of her freedom to do what she wants with no-one to obey. With this realization, she wishes that "life might be long," and she feels like a "goddess of Victory" as she walks down the stairs. This is an eerie forshadowing for an even more unexpected ending. The reader has just accepted Louise's reaction to her husband's death, when the most unexpected happens; her husband is actually alive and he enters the room shocking everyone, and Louise especially, as she is shocked to death. The irony continues, though, because the doctors say she died of joy, when the reader knows that she actually died because she had a glimp of freedom and could not go back to living under her husband's will again. In the title, the "story" refers to that of Louise's life. She lived in the true sense of the word, with the will and freedom to live for only one hour. 1,148 words. ...read more.

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