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Composed upon Westminster bridge by William Wodsworth.

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COMPOSED UPON WESTMINSTER BRIDGE by WILLIAM WODSWORTH Poetry is an expression of a whole range of human emotions. William Wordsworth a famous nature poet wrote a magnificent sonnet appreciating the view of London city from Westminster Bridge. William uses his sense of sight and his flair of expression in the poem. The beauty of the great city of London forms inspiration of the poem. It is a descriptive poem in which a realistic picture is painted in words. The title is of prior importance as it tells us where the poet was when he was inspired. The proper noun 'Westminster Bridge' is important as it is direct and connects to the content of the poem. The poet is standing on the bridge appreciating the beauty of the city of London. An important feature to note is that the poet loved solitude and when he sees the city in the early morning devoid of its bustle and noise, he is impressed. ...read more.


We also note that the solitude what has left a mark on him. He is amaze to see mans construction blend with Gods creation and yet project a wholeness of beauty. Line eight paints a picture of a 'bright' and 'glittering' smokeless London. He is conveying an image of purity. The poem is set in 1802 when homes and offices were heated by coal and wood, as a result great palls of smoke hung continually over the city. One wonders how he sees 'smokeless air'. The answer to this query could be probably that it is summer and hence the houses don't require heating. We also know it is early morning. Line nine and ten emphasize his sense of reverence reserved for the description of beauty. Although he begins the line with a negative never he uses it effectively to build a vivid image of how beautiful the sun looks as it dawns over valley, rock or hill. ...read more.


Theme - The theme of the poem is the relationship between man and nature. Being a worshiper of nature, which was a source of terror and strength as well as joy, he aims to recreate in the readers mind his emotional experiences. The description of London city is important, as it has emotional meaning. Mood - Nature has always impress Wordsworth, this poem reflect the mood of joyous exhilaration. Tone - The tone of happiness is evident in the poem. He writes using first person. He writes using first person narrative taking on the role of the narrator. Rhyme - He makes uses of the Miltonic sonnet that is known as the Petrarchan sonnet, which is composed of an octave and a sestet. It rhymes abba abba cdc dcd. Rhythm - A regular rhythm appears in this poem, which weaves a magical aura of the city. The smoothness of the rhythm complements the ideas of the poem. Done By : Ali Qaisar IX-D ...read more.

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