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One of The World’s Greatest Inventions

By Anonymous

“Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.”

–John F. Kennedy

        It is evident how life has changed since computer technology has been introduced to humankind. Not only are personal computers used nowadays as tools in every part of society, but they are also necessary to modern living. Personal computers have become essential in a heap of places; for instance, they are considered as a complement for office workers to develop their daily duties. In fact, one of the main reasons as of why the personal computer became one of the most significant inventions of all times is because of its many multitasking features that can minimize your work; it can also display and let you manipulate stored information. Throughout the years, computers have changed the way people work, be it any profession/field for several reasons.

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        Thanks to the newest state of the art technology, personal computers have microprocessors built-in, which are bound to decode and execute written data processes. This groundbreaking microprocessor technology allows your personal computer to receive inputs from the user as a result of interactions with the mouse and keyboard devices. It also allows your computer to perform several tasks; for instance, it grants you the ability to resolve varied and complex mathematical calculations at the push of a button. In the office-side work, computers can be used to keep track of data about customers, products, demographics and other relevant business-related information ...

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