Conflicts in "Cue for Treason" by Geoffrey Trease.

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Conflicts in Cue for Treason

Every story has conflicts and Cue for Treason written by Geoffrey Trease has put 3 main types of conflicts that are going on with different characters. The 3 main types of conflicts in Cue for Treason are Person vs. Person, Person vs. Nature and Person vs. Society .In the story Que for Treason characters face challenges that they have to overcome. The 3 main types of conflicts in Cue for Treason are Person vs. Person, Person vs. Nature and Person vs. Society.

The first type of conflict in Que for Treason is Person vs. Person. Person vs. Person is when two characters have conflict with each other and no one else. Peter, his dad, brother and other peasants are fighting against a man named Sir Phillip Morton because he is a ruler, which decided to take land from the peasants. He also decided to put a wall up so the peasants who had common land could not see each other. Peter and his friends decide to take down Sir Phillips wall, so they do.”I turned around with a piece of rock in my fist”, (Trease 22) Peter replied. The peasants take down the wall and free themselves from the meadow. The second conflict for Person vs. Person is when Kit and Peter were practicing for the performance for King Henry. Unfortunately the Yellow man had stolen the script from Peter’s hand. Peter and Kit go to the Yellow mans house. Kit Replied to Peter,” Good luck and do be careful”, (Trease 130).Peter goes and breaks into his house and gets the script. The Yellow man wanted the script because he wanted to impress King Henry, and call the play his own idea.

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The second type of conflict is Person vs. Nature. Person vs. Nature is when there is a struggle between a person and an outside force. The first example of Person vs. Nature in Cue for Treason is when the theatre crew is coming to Oxford University. The theatre crew think that they would make a lot of money because of all the students at the university. But they soon figure out that they are not allowed performing in the grounds of the school. When the group did try and put on the play they had to cancel because of the ...

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