Consider the Contribution made by Tybalt to the play, 'Romeo and Juliet'

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Consider the Contribution made by Tybalt to the play,                

            ‘Romeo and Juliet’

        In every one of Shakespeare’s tragedies, the story is built up like a jigsaw, with vital pieces, that build up to the final overall piece. There are events or characters that influence the tragedy and pay a great amount of contribution towards it. For instance, the romantic tragedy, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ could not have occurred if the lovers had not met at a ball. This essay will explore the contribution made by Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, towards the tragedy, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, and how.

        The first thing we should consider about Tybalt’s contribution is his characteristics. Tybalt is considered a fiery character, proud, and violent. All that are listed can be reflected in his name, which is usually used for cats rather than humans. This creates expectation of how his character will be like and is the source of most jokes made in the play about him.

        Tybalt’s character can be described as aggressive, sulky, and violent. Defending his honour plays a major contribution to the tragedy. For instance, we can take the scene where Tybalt spots Romeo at the Capulet ball, causing no trouble whatsoever.

Now, by the stock of honour of my kin,

To strike him dead I hold it not a sin.’

This quote shows how, even though Romeo does not display a threat, Tybalt is ready to fight him to death considering the family honour at stake.

‘Tybalt: It fits with such a villain is a guest;

I’ll not endure him.’

This quote shows how, even though Capulet claims that he must endure Romeo, as he poses no threat, he opposes his uncles request. This at the time was considered a very offensive thing to do as family meant everything and elders have more authority over decisions. It shows his impatience. We can also consider what is said about Tybalt from other characters.

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‘You are a saucy boy-…’

This is said by Capulet when Tybalt opposes his request.

‘More than Prince of Cats, I can tell you. O, he is the courageous captain of compliments.’

Mercutio describes Tybalt to be a good fighter and a ‘master of formalities’.

        Tybalt’s character contributes to the tragedy, as it would not have occurred, had it not been for Tybalt’s desire to fight against Romeo. I claim this because, Romeo is known to have a good reputation amongst Verona and even Capulet himself claims Romeo to be a ‘well-govern’d youth’ and so if any other ...

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