Coursework Assignment: Creative Writing

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GCSE English

Coursework Assignment 2: Creative Writing

Fallen Reflection

And there he was, a boy of five in the middle of the forest clearing. He ran daintily, in his grass-stained rags, barefoot and without a care. He was careful not to trample over any of the flowers, and smiled to himself as he passed and saw his reflection in the small, clear pool of water. In his dirtied hands, he held a twig which he threw up into the air every ten steps or so, his auburn hair ruffled by the silent breeze.

        He stopped abruptly next to the pool of water, and his smile slowly slipped away as the water clouded and ripples formed, although nothing had touched the surface. He kneeled down next to the pool of water, and his face became emotionless, as if he no longer knew what he was doing as he stared into the pool’s depths.

        He saw her, and his hand swept through the air and closed on a flower. Its petals were delicate, white and radiant with light. It had not yet blossomed to full magnitude but was graceful and beautiful beyond comprehension. He pulled on the stem gently, easing it in one smooth action out of the dirt and into the air, breathing in its scent.

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The young girl screamed. Screams that filled the silent night air, screams of anguish and relief. And then, she was no more.

She lies inside a coffin made of wood, atop a hill. Her gravestone bears no words. Her arms are crossed over her chest and she holds a book, beneath her crossed arms, with her smooth hands. On her right wrist, just above a scar, lies a thin black ribbon made of silk. Her dress is pure white, uncontaminated, and her lips are still red, the illusion that not a day has gone by since the ...

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The style of writing demonstrated in this piece is excellent. A wide variety of sentence structure, vocabulary and punctuation is used to create effects and shape meaning and the whole piece is very powerful. 5 Stars