Creative Writing: A Newspaper Invites Young People to write about Television Programmes they either Love or Loathe (The Apprentice)

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Joyce Chan

10 Bronte

You’re Fired

Two words that people will go to extreme measures to never ever hear, pray, suck up to their boss and even…work hard. As frightening as these two words are, they play an essential role in the genius programme that is the Apprentice and honestly, those two words are the provider of my weekly supplement of entertainment.

Have you realised just how downgraded television programmes have become? I have. The takeover of reality TV has completely lived up to new and changing consumer tastes but that doesn’t stop the show bosses of ITV from taking it too far. TV now is all about the fake tan, the drama of break ups and arguments. The Only Way is Essex, otherwise known as TOWIE (yes that’s the show that your children keep talking about) has officially taken over the meaning of television. The hair-tearing, teeth-wrenching-ly ridiculous programme means that I cannot turn on the TV without hearing “Well, jel.” Sorry, what?

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Thankfully, I have the Apprentice to keep me sane and just about alive. I’ve always found it most amusing to watch as the contestants introduce themselves “I’m better than unique; I’m naturally gifted in business,” claimed last year’s contestant Michael Copp who proved that he wasn’t so gifted in business after all when he was given the finger only 3 weeks into the arduous competition. The finger that I’m talking about, “the finger of dreaded doom” I think it should be called, is in fact Lord Sugar’s reputable gesture that does enough to send cold chills down my spine and ...

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