Creative writing inspired by "The Jabberwocky"

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The Jabberwocky

At last the village was without a doubt at rest after the Jabberwocky was slain by a young boy, who’s bravery had been praised throughout the village. The Village glorified the boy by awarding him with a silver blade that glimmered in the light and flickered the reflection of his eyes that were almost translucent, effulgent, like the palest blue glass, too soft to be turquoise, too bright to be baby blue.  As for the Jabberwocky, his head was admired in a glass box which had gold trims around the edges to emphasise the glory that has been given to this small joyous village.

As time went by, the boy had now become a man. He was a very handsome; he had eyes like a dream, and was unquestionably charming. As his father was quite old at this time, he handled his family farm, it was very looked after and it looked almost perfect. The farm faced across a eerie forest, having a single glance at the forest gave you shivers down your spine. Ever since the man was a boy he knew that the forest was no good at all, his parents would always tell him stories of what happened in the forest and the creatures that lingered in there. There was many tales about the Jabberwocky, aswell as it’s so called minions the Bandersnatch and Jub Jub bird. You didn’t see much of the Jabberwocky’s minions as he had them hidden away deep in the forest.

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 One evening while the man was herding his sheep in, he had heard a loud screeching noise deafen his hearing, he glanced  around to his surroundings but there was nothing. He stared into the forest and he saw something moving so fast, he couldn’t describe, he couldn’t tell what creature it was. Blood was tingling through his body. He couldn’t believe what he saw, he denied to himself that he saw anything and then he thought to himself that maybe he was in dyer need of sleep.  He has notice missing animals and has been hearing horrifying screaming at night. Many ...

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