Creative Writing Inspired By The Partition Of India.

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By :Xeneb Shah

Year 10 C

Word Count :1,760


                                  I looked at her one last time. Her narrow oval face still did not have one wrinkle. Her smooth skin was glowing .Her auburn hair streaked with woven strands of silver was tied in a neat bun. Her thin lips were still chapped with lipstick as she was being buried. . Many thought of her as a soft spoken lady who loved her grandchildren. Others who were closer to her thought she was proud and arrogant. Only a few really knew her I like to think I was one of them.

            I knew she was a lot different than most people. I would always make fun of her when she would randomly start talking to pictures around the house, or when she would ask me to bandage her hand because it’s bleeding and there would be nothing there. I always wondered why she would tell us stories where everyone would die. I had never seen her any different I figured this was the way she had always been. I never knew she had a completely different life before the partition of 1947 which changed many lives in both Pakistan and India including hers.

        This part of her personality was a mystery to me right until I read her diary and I finally understood why she was so eccentric. When I read her diary I understood how damaging and how big of an impact forcefully leaving the place you call your home can be. How history had created such a calamity which affected millions of lives. One of them being hers. Now, I can imagine how her life had turned upside down. From living in a big happening city in a mansion with orchids and trees stretching endlessly and blooming flowers everywhere to moving to a dull mundane town in a small house.


My baby nephew was finally five. I decided to throw him a party giving me a reason to dress up a lot more then I usually do. I wore a dress I had never worn before since the tailor had just finished it. I think I took the spotlight away from my nephew I’m sure he didn’t mind he’s only five. Everyone at the party told me I looked exquisite which I guess I did. I even played my sitar and many people came up to me and told me how talented I am. I just nodded politely and told them to enjoy the party. I have to go sleep because the jeweller is coming today with the new jewellery he designed and I’m the first person who’ll see them.-age 17

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At 6:00 pm every evening she would wear all of the remaining jewellery she had and wear the same dress and tie her hair the same exact way. She had been doing this  for as long as I could remember we had to call her exquisite or she wouldn’t talk to us for days  .I always thought of her as a little unbalanced and I would say it in a mocking voice but now I understand why she would. She missed that life .She missed the compliments the attention the fame the fortune all of it but who wouldn’t.



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