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Creative writing - MacDuff's monologue

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Macduff Monologue Oh Macbeth, you were like a brother to me (sigh)... and all could have been well. This didn't have to happen, me standing upon your rotting corpse beneath the Earth. Some say I should not even pay my respect to you; after all you were the cause of my misery that haunts my every day. But it seems I am coming to you now to question myself on my own life! What shall I do Macbeth! But how could I have not seen your true intentions, I was blinded by your dishonesty and all I see is this vicious side of you and what you have done to me. I must reflect on my past and come to sense of this situation. My suspicions first arose for you immediately after the murder of King Duncan. ...read more.


Who in the castle would benefit from Duncan's death so much so that they were prepared to kill him and risk their own throat from being slit? It was then that I realised, who else but Macbeth, a thane and an heir to the throne? After all, we were in his castle, he knew his way around the place more than anybody therefore making it easy for him to slip into Duncan's room and kill him without being seen! Lady Macbeth didn't fool me either her foolish act of pretending to faint to take the attention away from Macbeth's poor story. They make me sick that anyone could possibly do that to such a person of high royalty. Not only that but someone who was greatly loyal to his people and such a noble king. ...read more.


It just seems inhuman to do that to a King. Some have chosen to call me a coward and a traitor to my country because I fled to England, but doing so was my last resort - we would not be standing here right now, obtaining what is rightfully ours if I hadn't done what I had. But who am I kidding, what is there to live for now! The only thing that mattered the most in my life is gone because of me. And I stand upon you Macbeth and question myself why I should live my life? Still not knowing if I have done right or wrong! You repulse me Macbeth, and all I have left is my thirst for revenge that has already been quenched by your death. I hope you're happy to know that I will live up to my name and continue my life with pain and sorrow. ...read more.

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