Creative writing - The Choice.

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Junyue (Julia) Wang

24th September, 2002

The Choice

Love is a really difficult thing to understand. Maybe many people have had an experience like this: the person you love doesn't love you, while the person who loves you can't touch your heart. Who will you choose? If you choose the former, this means you could put yourself at risk.  It's difficult to win that person's love. Your attempts will end in failure. If you choose the latter, this means you could lead a peaceful life.  But are you happy to stay with a person who you don't love? Is it easy to forget the person who you love?  For love, in some circumstances, it's really hard to make a choice. I have no idea about which way is right. But, maybe there is another choice.

I have a friend named Connie. She is a pretty girl and she is excellent at her studies. Nearly all the people who have seen her say: "She is really nice, I like her!" Since she was 12 years old, many boys have loved her, especially a boy called Jamie, and he has loved Connie for at least 3 years. He would do anything if it could make Connie love him. Although many boys love Connie very much, none of them yet have won Connie's love. The one boy in Connie's heart is my best friend - Jerry. He is a cool boy, very good at sports. Connie always says, "Only a sports boy looks like real boy!" She loves Jerry, every second, every hour, every day.

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          One day, Connie came to my home and told me: "Julia, I want to tell Jerry about my special feelings for him!"

           "What?" I was so surprised.

"I want to tell Jerry I love him! What do you think?"

I really didn't know how to reply to her. Jerry is my old friend. I knew he hasn't got a girlfriend. He often says: "I won't have a girlfriend until I go to university. Now we are too young to understand what true love is. Only when I go to university can I find a ...

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