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What is culture identity? Culture identity is appreciation and understanding of literature and who or what a person is, identical sameness and distinctive character. It also means what you are and how you live. In this essay I am going to write about “Search for my Tongue” by Bhatt and “Hurricane hits England” by Grace Nichols. I have chosen them because they use a mixture of poetic devices, which makes the poem lively and entertaining to read.

Firstly the poem Search for my Tongue is about her feeling abandoned and heart-rending because she went to a place where she forgot how to speak her mother tongue while speaking the foreign language, which is upsetting for her since she is blissful about speaking her mother tongue. She also tells us in the poem about her experiences and what she has been happening to her. I know this because she uses a range of words for e.g. “lost and spit” this makes me think that she is losing her memory of how to speak her own language, as this is shameful for her because her mother tongue is part of her identity. She is also trying to get rid of the foreign language as she described it as “spit”. The word spit creates an image of someone trying to get rid of something ugly in their mouth. Then again in the last part of the poem she is feeling glad and back to being natural because her mother tongue grew back in the night. I know this because she quotes “ it pushes the other tongue aside” this line is effective because it makes me feel that she is joyful of getting the chance to speak her language other than the foreign language.

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The poem Search for my Tongue uses a variety of different language devices for e.g. she states “grows longer, grows moist and grows strong veins” the poet used repetition so that she can keep the pace going and the rhythm run smoothly and that she just started a new life as she described it in order. However she also uses personification. I know this because she exclaims “it ties the other tongue in knots” this makes me think that the tongues are combating it out with each other just to tie each other in knots. This is effective for ...

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