Culture; what is it and where does it come from?

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Culture; what is it and where does it come from? There are many different meanings for culture for example you may believe it to be one thing while I believe it’s something else. It’s a way of life for some, from the clothes that they wear, the way that they act to the things that they eat. You can’t say that one culture is more superior to another because there are many different cultures to relate to. Culture is a part of our daily lives; from when we get up until we go to sleep there is a touch of culture in everything we do. Your culture is you’re past your present and your future, its nothing to be ashamed of; people can have as much cultures as they do girlfriends or boyfriends. With a difference; having lots of different culture to associate with is something to be proud of and having too much girl/boyfriends is something to see the psychiatrist about. In various cultures you can find customs or traditions that link the people together, this brings them together whether it be from the same background, the same ethnicity or something else they have in common. New cultures can be made but old cultures can’t be broken, you can find many different cultures in one place. In this piece of work I will be relating my positive and negative experiences with the poems. Some are personally experienced and others have been seen from more of a third person’s view. There is a hint of culture in every one of the poems that you read and hopefully when reading this you will be able to relate to your experiences and will sense a hint of my own culture giving way through what is written, the way it is said and how feelings are expressed. Culture has an affect on your life and so do your surroundings, as you will learn. It’s a fact that culture can be lost/faded/forgotten it is something you see everyday. People change, their surroundings change, their way of life changes this can be due to either a major or minor change in their lifestyle. Getting married into a different culture yet the same religion can make your culture fade away but yet you gain the knowledge of another culture. A change in environment e.g. moving from one country, Pakistan, to another, England, can erode your culture away.

        In one place you’d be surprised by how many different cultures you can find, for example in east ham there are a lot of different cultures. From Asian culture to western culture, form student culture to working-class culture, from youth culture to old age culture. There are many things you can say when talking about culture, people have more then one culture for example you may have Asian culture yet you still have a hint of western culture in you. Your surroundings can affect your culture it can either add to it or it can try and rot away your previous culture and make room for a new one. When looking at the poem ‘Mother Tongue’ you can tell it has been deeply thought of and the words used are ones that blend in with each other. When reading the poem if you miss out the Gujarati section you will find that the poem still flows as much as it would if you had read that section. Relating to this poem the fact that the poet says quoting “and the mother tongue just rots away”, everyone says that if you don’t speak at least a bit of your mother tongue then you will finally come to a point where you wont know it anymore meaning that a part of you will be lost in a way. Losing a part of you isn’t something that you would be happy about, your roots can be lost and that is something that every parent is scared of, that their daughter or son might loose their culture their roots. In some cultures you believe that something’s are forbidden yet in others you can do those certain things.

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In that exact way, some cultures can influence other cultures for example; some traditions from one culture can be bought into another due to some change like getting married, curiosity about another culture etc. Also in the same way beliefs can be passed on in the same way. Sometimes people pass in on in their own families from generation to generation, kind of like Chinese whispers it changes through the ages. The next generation may change it slightly to get a hint of their way of life into the tradition. There are many different races in east ham, and you ...

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