Dead Mans Path and The Train from Rhodesia essay.

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Dead Mans Path and The Train from Rhodesia essay

Chinua Achebe sets us up to be surprised from the start of the story as at the beginning he builds it up to be a story of success, line 14 ‘We shall make a good job of it, shan’t we?’ This phrase suggests that Michael Obi is a very energetic man and this gives us as the reader the expectations that he will be determined to succeed and this is what the author has made us to believe at the beginning. Line 30 ‘They will give all their time and energy to the school,’ this phrase shows us further evidence that Michael Obi is determined to succeed even if he hurts others e.g. the teaching staff of the school.

The Train from Rhodesia by Nadine Gordimer sets us up to be surprised from the start of the story as at the beginning she builds the story up by a big description of the setting of this story to give us a clear picture of the scenery, line 1 ‘The train came out of the red horizon and bore down towards them over the single track.’ Also in this phrase the author has used a specific adjective to describe the train, ‘red’ and this shows us that Nadine Gordimer is trying to paint us a clear picture of what is going on. They way the author describes the train gives us the expression that the train is coming in for its last journey as a tragedy is about to happen, line 26 ‘Creaking, jerking, jostling, gasping, the train filled the station.’ This phrase suggests that the train is approaching the station for the last time and the adjectives ‘Creaking’ and ‘gasping’ creates us a better picture as they emphasise how the train came into the station.

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Both stories have surprising endings to the way the stories begin. Chinua Achebe ends his story in a disaster as all of Michael Obi’s hard work comes to ruins because he clashes with traditions of the village while he has his own methods to succeed. Unlike the priest, the headmaster of Ndume Central School, Michael Obi, is not a likeable character. He is both narrow-minded and foolish. His comments such as ‘We cannot allow people to make a highway of our school compound’ and ‘The hole purpose of our school is to eradicate just such beliefs as that. Dead men ...

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