Dear diary.

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Dear diary

Now I know that I usually write a lot of rubbish a short boring paragraph but that’s simply because my days generally are rubbish and are almost always boring but not today, today was awesome. I had such a perplexed day that I’m still feeling a little dizzy. It really would have been just another day if it wasn’t for my over active imagination and uncontrollable curiosity, but it wasn’t and this is how it started…

…This morning Joanne rang me and asked me to go with her, Tania and Elaine to meet her boyfriend John and his three friends. Naturally I hesitated since it was a Saturday and I wanted to stay home and do my homework…yeah right. I got showered and dressed in a record time of an hour, and that’s including hair and make-up. I know what you’re thinking ‘That I’m growing up and becoming less shallow therefore taking less time to get ready’ NO WAY. I’m so disappointed in you, you’re my diary and you should know me better then that, I simply decided to go for a more laid back and natural look because I was told it makes me look older and smarter.

Well we met these guys in the Starbucks on the high street and we all sat down to chat over apple pies and ice cream. Well the guy I was with was called David, Tania was with Aaron and Elaine was with Tony. We had so much fun; David kept stroking my leg under the table and whispering really cute stuff to me. We were having a great time and the guys seemed really pleasant.

After we had all become a bit bored with the surroundings John suggested that we all go back to his house since his parents were away for the weekend. Now all of us were a bit hesitant to go with a bunch of boys to a house outside of our familiar hang out area, without our parent’s knowledge but we decided to go despite our negative gut feelings.

At first everything was great no change from when we were in a public place, it made me wonder why we were ever worried. The guys were really entertaining and everyone seemed tranquil.  The living room made me feel slightly uncomfortable because it looked so ancient; to be honest the whole house was a big heap of antiques, it had a really thrilling spook to it. There was this hideous deer head above the bronze Elizabethan fireplace. I don’t know why but I much prefer deer heads on a deer body, I was so freaked out by it. The carpet was hideous; it was so retro and full of colours that clashed worse then Prince Charles and Pink. It had musty kind of smell, which reminded me of the smell of my nana’s hair. Everything in the room looked so aged I was totally spooked out.

Join now!

Despite my discomfort everything was awesome, we laughed and giggled and then John disappeared into the kitchen with Joanne and left the six of us in the living room. They were in there for a good half an hour but we didn’t miss them. We were having our own fun. Gradually everyone eased into what we call ‘personal time’. That’s when you’re on a group date but you can’t tell that anyone but you and him are there.

When they returned John gave us a tour of his house it was nothing compared to the living room. More ...

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