dear year 6 students

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 Dear year 6 students,

Do you want to succeed? Want the very best for yourself? Want to fulfil your dreams? Then, come to belle vue boys school

Why?  The reasons are endless. Our exam results are the best you can get. Evidence shows each year Belle Vue Boys’ grades increase rapidly every year. Students are getting 5 A-C for fun, but many achieve higher grades; this is because of the high- quality teaching and cutting-edge facilities. We have also got the best resources in the whole of Bradford If you want to fulfil your dreams and highest expectations, join Belle Vue Boys; it’s the key to success.. That’s just the beginning. Surely, you want to succeed the highest expectations of yourself. 5 years ago the gcse grades was very poor  which was at 20 percent the figure double a year later as the facilities rapidly improved and increased the teaching and the facilities in the school. Getting 5 a –c will help you every were in life because in many ways were you go  you have proof of how your learning expectation is and what you are capable of doing in a varieties’ of jobs

Join now!

        The door to success, the door to your dreams, the door to your life could be opened if you join belle vue boys it’s the key to your life as proven the grades have been rapidly increased in previous years therefore with those results you could earn a living for yourself and your family you could buy what you when you want, this is because of the job you got. This will happen if you join belle vue boys; the main aim of the game  is for you to succeed in life, joining belle vue boys is ...

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