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GCSE English coursework persuasive writing

What do you want to achieve from school? Do you want the best grades around? At Belle Vue Boys’ School in every classroom, everyone wants to achieve success. It is every person’s dream to achieve success and students at Belle Vue Boys’ School do that along with gaining the best grades in the whole of Bradford. Belle Vue Boy’s school obtain the best exam results, helping the students acquire their future jobs and careers. This school also focuses on keeping students fit and healthy. The technology at Belle Vue can easily compete with that of schools and colleges throughout the country.

At Belle Vue Boys the main aim is to get students the best grades around. Our GCSE grades are dramatically improving year on year. This school regards Maths, English and Science as the most important subjects. Getting first-class grades in these subjects are dealt with by appointing the most excellent teachers. The results speak for themselves; last year this school 89% 5 or above A-C grades all of them including have A-C in Maths, English and Science.

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In Belle Vue Boys School we want to ensure that students have the best opportunity in choosing their future jobs and careers. This school gives you a advice on choosing the right courses when students are selecting their careers. In Belle Vue Boys we find it very important for students to get C’s or above. So if you want your child to get a C or above then send him to Belle Vue Boys School. Success in school is very important and beneficial for the future. If pupils enjoy success in Belle Vue Boys School then they could go ...

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