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Denny burning Rita’s books

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Denny burning Rita's books As the lights come up Rita comes home from work and sees Denny walking through the living room holding all of Frank's Chekhov books that he has lent Rita and also her essay. Rita: Hi love, what are you doing walking around with my books? Denny: (in a furious mood) I'm bloody burnin' them, that's what I'm doing! Rita: What? Why? I mean, NO! (Shouting the word NO) you are not going to burn my books. Denny: You're on the bleedin' pill again aint ya? Rita: No, no I'm not Denny please don't do anything stupid. Denny: Don't lie to me Rita. If your not on the pill then what is this. ...read more.


You're on it! I've told ya again and again and again, I want a baby! Look around you, everyone on the estate has a baby by the time they're at least 25. They'll all be lookin' at us like we're weird and people talk ya know, I mean they might think that I'm the one with the problem, ya know, downstairs like. Rita: I don't want a frigging baby. Not now. I'm starting to enjoy my life at the moment. I have actually found something that I like doing. Please don't take that away from me. Denny: (stares at Rita and is about to start shouting at her again but...) ...read more.


Denny: So just have a baby with me and learn at the same time. It ain't bleedin' hard. Rita: What do we want with a baby now? So you can show it off at the pub to all your mates. There's plenty of time on life for a, just not right now. Denny: So it's a no then. No baby for me no books for you. (Denny takes a can of lighter fluid from his inside jacket pocket and pours it all over the books and the essay which lye on the patio) Rita: No Denny please stop, please stop! (Rita bursts out in tears) Denny: (strikes a match and drops it on all books that just turn into flames) Rita: (stands there watching the books burning in tears) Black - out ...read more.

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