Describe the challenge faced by John Proctor in "The Crucible".

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The Crucible

Describe a challenge faced by a character in the text. Explain how the character dealt with the challenge.

In ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Millar, many of the characters faced challenges. One character who was faced with challenge was the protagonist John Proctor. He faced the challenge of trying to keep his reputation intact in the face of a judgemental Puritanical community ruled by superstition and religious intolerance. The fact that he had an illicit affair with a young woman named Abigail was a major obstacle to clearing his ‘good name’ along with the fact that his wife Elizabeth lied under oath in court to try to protect him. John Proctor was faced with the decision between life and death to deal with the challenge of trying to clear this ‘good name’

John Proctor, the protagonist, had the major challenge of trying to deal with his adulterous affair with Abigail, the key anatagonist in the play. Abigail envied John’s current wife Elizabeth and she wanted to take her place. When Abigail had the chance to accuse people of being witches, Elizabeth was her first victim. Proctor however had to ruin his good name in order to accuse Abigail of faking her claims. To do this though was a challenge he faced as he was a man with high morals and didn’t want to ruin his name.

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A further challenge that John Proctor faced was when his wife Elizabeth was accused of witchcraft and had to testify to clear his name. When his wife Elizabeth was arrested after she was accused by Abigail of being a witch, Proctor knew he could have stopped this trial from continuing. He had the option of telling the court that the trial is a sham because he had an affair with Abigail and that she was out for revenge after Elizabeth kicked her out of the Proctor household and also because Proctor firmly rejected her saying “I will cut off my ...

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