Describe the importance of Sheila's role in the play An inspector calls.

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Describe the importance of Sheila’s role in the play.-Michael Rowell

 At the beginning Sheila was not one of the main characters as Birling takes centre stage. Setting on the play seemed revolved around the characters. The older furniture in the living room matched the aging and upper class type that is Birling. During the play Sheila is the only concerned and totally serious character to the situation. There are some well linked scenes in the play setting a mood for Sheila with the marriage, her husband to be Gerald. The pink light in the house makes Shila feel more relaxed as the set looks almost like a love scene.

   During the play, Sheila is the main link between the Inspector and the Audience. She constantly changes and develops as the Story is told. From a happy normal women whose about to get married, changing stance with knowledge of the affair becoming disappointed and heart broken and then finding out that she had contributed to the Eva Smiths death making her emotions dramatic and to the audience she is the thoughtful character that everyone loves.

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  There is great irony in Sheila’s character as when the Inspector first comes round and as he is questioning Birling, she says how mean he is like ”I think it was a mean thing to do” and “But these girls aren’t cheap labour- there people” which is her having a go at Birling still going along with what the audience is thinking but as she discovers her part in the death, her language suddenly changes to “I cant believe you people, a women actually died and it was all our faults” as she is overcome with guilt. This sudden chance in language ...

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