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Description - Dentists Waiting Room

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Dentists Waiting Room It was the day of the painfully dreaded appointment. It didn't help at all that it was about a million below freezing outside. One look out of the small wooden framed window told me that there wasn't much hope of a pleasant journey to the surgery. I loathed the thought of leaving my warm and comfortable bed to go outside where it was everything but warm and comfortable. But alas, it had to be done. So quickly I got myself ready and set off down the long but straight road. The main street looked as if it was ten miles away when really it was only half a mile. Along the road there were very few cars parked as most people would have been at work. The bus stop at the top of the road sheltered an old pensioner, a man who looked in forties and his aged dog, from the heavy rain and roaring wind. The tension and nervousness was beginning to build inside me. ...read more.


There was a small, brown, square-shaped gate with a picture of a large 17th century ship carved in it. Other than this the outside of the surgery looked very modern and sterile. There was a slight attempt of a garden at the front which consisted of two flower pots with half dead flowers in them. Beside the large, glass front door there was a silver plaque which said, 'Dr. Gumgum', and another one on the other side of the door stating the opening hours of the surgery. I pushed the door and entered reluctantly. When I opened the door I got a whiff of something between mint and bleach. The slowly building anxiety had suddenly shot up uncontrollably; I was scared. The reception was situated right beside the front door and when I went in the receptionist sorted me out with all the information I needed. There was a long hallway with doors leading to places unknown to me. The waiting room was through the first door on my left, so said the receptionist. ...read more.


He walked over to the corner, sat down and put his headphones back in his ears. I was beginning to get impatient, wondering when Simon will get called in to the surgery. Then something unexpected happened; the ringing noise, the voice, my name, surgery two. I was hit with a sudden feeling of fear. I looked around me, nobody else looked up. 'It must be me,' I thought. So I got up slowly out of my seat, feeling reluctant towards leaving the room. I clicked open the door, walked out and clicked it shut behind me. I walked down the long corridor which seemed even longer than before. I came to a door which said, 'Surgery 1'. I walked past it, knowing that the next door I came to was the one I must go in. I reached the oak door with a plaque saying, 'Surgery 2'. I grabbed the k**b, scared to turn it. Finally I turned it, and it turned with a squeak, and I entered the bright and pristine surgery. It wasn't as scary as I had thought it would be. ...read more.

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