Description of a busy supermarket.

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Sleek, automatic, glass doors slid smoothly open, only to divulge a cacophony of noise. Accompanying the noise, flamboyant red signs stood tall and proud, enticing a sea of innocent shoppers towards them with insidious promises. Aisles braced themselves against the pulsating throng of vibrant colors. Customers pushed and shoved as they tried to squeeze past one another trying to gain access to the many bargains, the statue-like security guards being the only still people in sight. The sun’s scorching golden rays outside would have been sorely tempting to many if not for the cool breeze of the air conditioner oozing through the gaps between each customer.

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Inside, each trolley collision resonated like a thousand crashing cymbals.  Shelf stackers dissolved into the chaos. A boa constrictor’s victim, trapped in the reptile’s stomach, would have had more room to breathe than here; it truly was as busy as a hive full of bees.

Deep within the supermarket, a small child dragged his feet along the polished marble as he was pulled along; shiny, smart trainers screeched piercingly against the flooring. The boy whined noisily. Prying heads snapped to the source of the noise, either sighing disdainfully or smiling knowingly. Unruly, ebony black hair exploded from the boy’s head ...

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