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Description of a City - Tokyo

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´╗┐Tokyo Leaving the hotel lobby through the revolving doors, the only thing I could hear is a foreign language that sounds aggressive and fast paced. This is Tokyo. The doormen hailing cabs in patience and discipline, wearing their sharp tuxedos and the bellboys running in at out of the lobby carrying more and more each trip. Once I got on the empty white cab I drove by stores where signs glow brightly in all sorts of colours. I looked out the left window and saw the Tokyo tower, or as most foreigners call it, ?The Asian Eiffel Tower?. ...read more.


Once I stepped out of the cab, the scent of the yakitori stalls along the streets snuck up my nostrils and sent a command to my stomach. In front of my eyes were thousands of billboards in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours across the spectrum in a language with letters that looked like scribbles. It wasn?t epilepsy-friendly due to the beautiful variety of flashing lights making the street look like a rave. I had to swim through the waves of people lining up for food, shops or the notorious pachinko parlours where people went to throw their money away, or simply just people walking through the rowdy atmosphere. ...read more.


I knelt down in front of the statues staring down at me. I lit the incense and allowed it to burn as closed my eyes and held it in my two hands with my fingers. I prayed to the gods as they ate the sounds in the temple to ensure absolute silence. I was in deep thoughts as I sat in a sanctuary of peace. I continued to kneel on the floor as the secluded tranquility ran down my spine. I stood up, took a bow, punctured my incense into the ashes of the millions of other burnt incense in the pot then returned into the clamorous crowd. ...read more.

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