Description of a rural morning scene

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Rural Morning Scene

White, fluffy clouds glide across the pale blue sky; the fading, subdued moon sits redundantly behind them. The sun has awakened and is promptly emerging through the hazy sky. The cloudy layer creates a pleasant blanket from the sun.

Birds simultaneously tweet out to each other in a chorus, singing a soothing, melodic tune. A graceful robin flies swiftly across the open pasture, flowing beside the gentle breeze, back to its vigilantly poised nest on the branch of a tree. This wise, ancient oak tree proudly watches over the fields, casting shadows over the fragile flowers that would wilt if exposed to the sweltering sun. Smaller, more delicate trees frame the field’s perimeter. Having sat dormant all winter, fresh leaves are shooting out of the dull, peeling bark and radiant flowers are beginning to bloom.  Carried along by the encouraging wind, an aroma of lavender occasionally drifts past.

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 Butterflies are left undisturbed fluttering their delicately crafted wings and perching on their intricately flowering shrubs. Swarms of bees gather in colonies, collecting around clusters of wild flowers. To appear welcoming for the bees, the sleek lilac and pink petals wave gently to the breeze and blow their sweet scent around. The tempted bees pass by and blissfully collect pollen, humming as they do so. Seconds after they have dashed away, a buzzing harmony echoes through the crisp air.

The vibrant shades of the green grass glisten under the morning shine. The meadow is coated with a generous layer of ...

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