Description of Graveyard in Great Expectations

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The graveyard scene is the opening chapter of great expectations. It is shown as a dark and quite dreary place. This is where Pip’s mother, father and brothers were buried but it seems quite empty and deserted, as if it has been forgotten about.

Firstly, the graveyard is shown as a “bleak place”. This shows this was a depressing place to be in. it also makes the graveyard sound as if it is empty and quite dark, and avoided by as many people as possible. It also sounds as if the graveyard was separated from the rest of the village.

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The graveyard was also “overgrown with nettles” which definitely sounds like it has been abandoned and forgotten about by everyone, except Pip. There is also an air of neglect about it as no one had bothered to get rid of the nettles and it was now disused.

There is also a lot of description referring to the marshland surrounding the churchyard. The marshes are referred to the “dark flat wilderness”. This shows that the churchyard was on the edge of a wild place and only a low wall separates the two. It is as if the marshes are being kept ...

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