Description of Romford Market

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Description of Romford Market

It was a bright market. Miniature english flags, hung in a series fashion across a thread,  were draped from one side to the other side of the market, painting the sky red and white. Heads of men, women and children on their parents shoulders bobbed up and down, resembling the waves of the sea. The blonde, black, brown, red and hair-colour of many extravagant colours made the sea of heads radiate a nauseating effect. Red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple white, black and brown were the colours of merchandise of all forms, shapes, sizes and use. These colours were of so many variations that they had the potential to confound anyone’s senses.

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The air, ecstatic with the voices of deep and shrill voice which was a buzz of bees that was interrupted occasionally by the begging, wailing, kicking, scruffing and obstreperous demand of a child. ‘But all my friends as it’ he says, ‘But you got a similar one at home, dear. Why wouldn’t you play with that’ his dad counters. ‘No!!!!!!!’ yells the child, and bursts into tear, tears streaming copiously out of his eyes, like the thick,  viscous lava erupting from a volcano. The parent, realizing that he has no other way to placate his son but to buy ...

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