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Descriptive writing. Scene at a busy market place

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´╗┐Descriptive Writing Scene at a busy market place The stillness of the dawn was displaced by the scheduled game of the morning gusts. Pages of newsletters and Kit-Kat wrappers flew around in typhoon-like motions scraping against a banner, which was crucified against a brick- wall using four large black nails, expanded and compressed like a heart, displaying ?Market Place.? Looking around all that could be seen was a crowd of people pushing, shoving and shouting. People rushed by, Gathering up items as fast as they could, People often travelled in groups; parents and children or other family members and even friends; They were the ones causing the constant buzz of noises! The stall owners either served queues of customers or shouted out a range of encouragements to passers-by to attract them with their items. ...read more.


She then swirled her head, and glanced within the translucent doors of the market opposite of her. To her surprise, the Fairy Queen toy rested against a chair, facing her in the same direction. The girl, oblivious of her mother?s previous lectures about good behavior, stared at the Fairy Queen with mother and daughter affection as she waited for a sign of numbness within her mother?s hands. She broke free, running closer to the divine force which emanated from the Fairy Queen. She hugged her, asking the Fairy Queen whether she could borrow her wand, which pointed diagonally at the ceiling, for a ?trick?. Automatically presuming the acceptance of the Fairy Queen, she adjusted the wand, pointing it at her mother?s figure in the hope that it will magically cast a freezing spell. ...read more.


Each child went straight to the toy stalls, desperately wanting sometime new, the joy only lasted a few moments before shattered. Parents worriedly rushed to get their children, apologizing to the stall owner, and then continuing with the bargain hunting! The sight of a busy market place is just one too see for yourself! Outside the market, only streamlined cars were parked, with some which waited outside having open roofs as the mild shadowy shine of the sunset subsided. Standing in the shade was a mother and her young boy, both cluttered around in a diameter of shopping bags. The young boy seemed particularly fond of his new spider-man toy, being the only bag he held. He swung its large rectangular box in fast-speed windmill motions ? trying to cool his mother with the breeze of the air as they waited in boredom for the taxi. ...read more.

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