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Designing a Soap.

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Designing a Soap Title: The title of my soap will be The Hidden Truth, because there are lots of secrets within the community, which link all the characters together. Broadcast Times: 8:00pm till 8:30pm on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays, because most children are in bed so there can be a more mature theme to the program also other soaps will have finished by then for example Coronation St and Emmerdale. Location: Hyden Street, Hixfordshire Characters: Parjinda Kaur (23) 37 years old Sandeep Lundi Kaur (23) 15 years old Mr George and Mrs Betty Davis (19) 72 and 69 years old Rosie Evans (9a) 24 years old Mr Kevin and Mrs Marie Johnson (5) 28 and 30 years old Anabel Louise Johnson (5) 4 years old Alex Jackson (9b) 18 years old Laura Jeane (6) 26 years old Mr Fred and Mrs Mavis Gardner (14) 65 and 62 years old Dean Boland (1) 45 years old Mr John and Mrs Maureen Klimzack (11) 45 and 47 years old Emma Klimzack (11) 16 years old Johnathon Kilmzack (11) 12 years old Susan Klimzack (11) 5 years old Mr Peter and Mrs Julie Evans (16) 37 and 16 years old Daniel Evans (16) 12 years old The Williams' at number 7. Mr Mark Williams 34. Mrs Margaret Williams 29, Ellie Williams 15 and Michael Williams 17 years old. Carrie Lawyer number 8. 27 years old. The Slates' at number 10. Dorothy Slate 59 years old, bill Slate 62 years old and Deborah Slate, 27 years old. The Pontillos' at number 12. Rebecca Pontillo 36 years old and Alex Pontillo 3 years old. Samantha Phillips number 13. 35 years old. The Halls' at number 14. ...read more.


Occupation: Alex is currently in his second year at college studying A-levels in double maths, physics, I.CT and Chemistry. Personality: Alex lives above Rosie Evans in 9b. He is a very bright boy and intends to do well in his A-Levels. Alex is going out with Ellie Williams at number 3 and is secretly going out with Koral Time who lives with her other boyfriend Leon Deal at number 21. Even though Alex is a very smart boy he is a troublemaker and is very cunning, he likes practical jokes and winds people up easily. Alex is also very vain and thinks he is really gorgeous and every other girl on the street fancies him. Appearance: Alex is 5'6" with short black hair and green eyes. He is very much into expensive clothes and likes dirty looking jeans. He uses a lot of gel and spends a long time in the mirror each morning. Name: Laura Jeane, 26 years old Occupation: She works as a nurse in the local doctor's surgery, and is also the nurse at all the local schools in the area. Personality: She lives at number 6 Hyden Street. Her best friend is Rosie Evans and they tell each other everything. They know who killed Sandeep's mum and it is someone in the street! Laura is friendly with other people in the street and helps out with the homeless with Mr and Mrs Davis. She is a well-loved character by other people on the street. Laura is a very down to earth girl and is the sort of person anyone can confide in she can keep secrets very well. Appearance: She has curly brown hair with red and blonde highlights, and is 5'2". ...read more.


Rosie: Are you going to help out Betty this weekend with her fundraiser at the church? Laura: Yeah we're doing a bring and buy sale down there, you coming? Rosie (takes a sip of her coke) nah I'm going to see him. (She smiles deviously) Laura: So you're back together again. I thought you were never going to see him ever again because he's a lying conniving sod? Rosie: Yeah well he explained to me why he stood me up and he begged me not to dump him. He even started crying you know he's so sweet. (She twiddles with her thumbs) Laura: Well that's not what you were saying the other day about him. (She pauses) How much longer do you have on you break then? Rosie: Oh about 20 minutes left I didn't have one this morning. So you up for it on Friday? Me and a couple of others are going into town to get bladdered. You should come it'll be a laugh. Laura: Nah I don't think I really fancy it maybe next time yeah? Rosie: You never come out any more. Please Laura it'll be so much fun. Laura: I'll think about it then. I ain't promising anything though. Rosie: Great Laura: Anyway (She drinks the rest of her coke, stands up and reaches for her bag) I best be off now. I've got to go and talk to Betty about Sunday. Rosie: Ok hun I'll phone you later and we can talk about Friday. Laura: I'll speak to you then. (She gets up and walks towards the door) Bye Rosie. Rosie: (Smiles and waves to Laura as she goes out the door.) End of Scene One On the next episode ........... Alison Mclaren English CW. Candidate Number: 9091 Centre Number: 20217 ...read more.

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