Diary entry on a Homeless person.

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Diary entry on a Homeless person

Day 72

It was another cold, damp night. I sat under the bridge listening and hearing every noise. I could her animals and people muttering in the dark misty night. The wind was getting fiercer now, whistling between trees as it started picking up the leaves of the floor. The stars in the sky were brighter then usual, they were shining and twinkling in the clear black sky. It was like glitter on a black piece of paper.

Time was going very slow, I didn’t know how to pass time. It was starting to get very cold now, so I curled up into a ball to make sure I stayed warm. As I lay there my mind blank my eyelids started to get heavier and heavier and before a realised I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up in a king size bed; I looked up at the ceiling and smelt burnt toast. It can only have been the misses again as she was late for work. I herd the door slam; the car start and she had gone. We were really happy together, but I don’t know what happened, we’ve been arguing a lot lately and I don’t know why. She always wants her own way in life, and she thinks that everybody else is wrong and she’s always right. We have been ignoring each other for the past 6 weeks; it was getting out of hand. She always said she is going to move about but I don’t know what will happen. I threw my head back on to the pillow and dozed tried to get back to sleep, but it was no use so I got up and did my usual routine. This was to wake up get ready for work and come home and go back to sleep, but today’s routine was different everything went as normal so far but when I came home, nothing was there everything had gone such as the furniture and the nearly everything else. There were only two things left. One chair which had a broken leg and a little note on it, saying leave house by 7pm new owners moving in. I walked straight out didn’t even lock the door behind my and went to my best m8es house, but he didn’t even want to know me. Even my own brother he said nothing nobody wanted to know me at all. Since all my money was in my wife’s account I had nothing I even got the sack from my job since I had no home.

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Next morning I was woken by the community around me, who were on their way to work. Cars zooming past and leaving the horrible whiff of petrol behind polluting the air. I still lay on the floor, not wanting to face his miserable day. At the end I had to get up as my stomach started to churn and grind inside me I was feeling quite hungry. I slowly leaned against the cold rough surfaced wall, and made my way on my feet. I walked on and on until I herd many cars, people making noises in the ...

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