Diary of a Church Mouse

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Diary of a Church Mouse

John Betjeman, a poet who became famous during the 1970’s wrote many poems, which the main theme was considered to be hypocrisy and egotism in society.

The poem ‘Diary of a Church Mouse’ is split up into 3 stanzas. In ‘Diary of a Church Mouse’ Betjeman highlights the hypocrisy of certain types of people and their desire to be seen as high class and virtuous while really, are selfish and inconsiderate. Although it is a mouse speaking, it is almost personified and this poem takes form of a narrative through the eyes of a mouse living in the church.

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         In this poem we see views of the church and of different people. We can see from the beginning of stanza two the mouse shares its ‘dark forgotten room.’ The word forgotten prompts us about the church and its presence in society. It is also forgotten by most and only when it suits people, that religion shows importance and they come to feast on what the church has to offer, which is usually after the harvest.

The mouse in the poem represents the type of people Betjeman was critical of. The mouse itself is not concerned with the religious aspects ...

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