Different Kinds of Poems with different Kinds of Love.

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 Different Kinds of Poems with different Kinds of Love.

There are many types of poems, the old English times. Poems are expressed by emotions and expressions. Emotions play a very important role in the poetry if there is no emotions, the poem will just be very plain and dull. Examples of emotions in poems are e.g. Happiness, sadness, tense and others. Types of love like: First Love, Unrequited Love, Memory of Love, Equal Love and so on. It may be a ballad, a poem that tells a story or it also may be a Petrarchan sonnet.

        “Villegiature” by Edith Neshit is a wonderful poem that describes a boy who wants to back away from his relationship with a beautiful girl. Villegiature itself check this apart. The speaker in the poem is upset and the poem shows how she reacts to the situation. She even dreamt of her lover reaching out to kiss her! This poem clearly shows that she is deeply in love with him, but as she listens to him telling her stories and things that involved books, she realizes that he is actually a very boring man and doesn’t love him anymore. When he goes to University, she listens to him but did not say much. “Oh what pretty things you say!” This quote is being sarcastic as she did find him saying pretty things but find it boring. This kind of Love is unrequited Love.

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        The Poem “Remember”, is a poem that is filled with sadness and happiness.(Mixed emotions) It is a Petrarchan sonnet. This type of poem is about a woman who is leaving her lover as she is probably going to die. Before her death, they had planned to do loads of things but now that she is gone, nothing can be done. She wants he lover to remember her in a happy way and not a sad way. That is a very special way as normally if someone dies; he/she would be very upset when he/she thinks about the person. This ...

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