Discuss the presentation of Silas Marner in chapter 1+2, and comment on settings and any themes

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Discuss the presentation of Silas Marner in chapter 1+2, and comment on settings and any themes

George Eliot, which is the pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans, was a prolific writer during the 19th century and could also translate German and was interested in philosophy. The book, Silas Marner, was written at a time of great demographic change and during the industrial revolution in 1861. In the book she uses many different and superlative techniques, such as breaking up the story between passages of moralising and narrative, to convey to the reader, the settings and details of Silas Marner’s journey

        The Story is set mainly in Raveloe, although it also describes Lantern Yard when we learn about Silas’s past. Raveloe is a rural community, which may have a biological link to Eliot’s home, the Arbury estate in Warwickshire, full of rich people, some of whom didn’t even need to be good farmers¸to earn their living with surplus left over. The village held a nostalgic view of life and were bewildered by the concept of Silas’s profession, weaving. They were confused by how thread was made into clothing and were suspicious of the newcomer, Silas, Because of this they thought he was in league with the devil.

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        However, the other environment depicted is Lantern Yard, which was Silas’s home town before he was expelled. Lantern Yard is a poor artisan community and even the name suggests that is a place which is dark where no one goes. However the inhabitants are all close friends and all gather together for the church services.

         In chapter 1we learn that Silas is pallid, because he doesn’t much, and short sighted , the result of day-to-day weaving. His most distinctive feature are his eyes, which are bulging, making people afraid because they thought he had the “evil eye”, this evil eye ...

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