Discuss the use of humour in

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The Opposite Sex

                      By Laurie Lee

Discuss the use of humour in “The Opposite Sex”.

The Opposite Sex is a small story, which although diminuitive in length, fits its’ purpose well as a humourous short read.

        The use of language, the portrayal of certain images and the dexterous use of imagery in literary terms such as similies are all well within place in the story- all contributing to the laughable effect that it has upon its’ readers.

        I believe that ‘The Opposite Sex’ is set and based on the times that the writer Laurie Lee had when he was a young boy. This helps to link the story into modern age circumstances, that although it has been a few years since Lee was a young boy, as proven in my Julius Caesar essay, human nature does not change. Therefore the reader finds it easier to relate to.

The story is written very informally, rather like a ‘chatty’ style, this helps to create a better link between the writing and the reader themselves. This is shown in the very first line of ‘The Opposite Sex’. Only six words in, the word ‘sex’is used. To many this would be shocking, but also a small pointer in the direction of an exciting read.

        When  Lee describes how his life was as open as a ‘cucumber frame’ and that sex to him was a ‘constant force like the national grid’, we begin to see his imaginative use of similies, which are used well by Lee to create good humourous effect.

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        One of the funniest parts from the story follows, as Lee describes how he felt about sex, using lots of tricky similies and using the comparison between sex and a ‘game of cricket’. ‘After years of lazily inspecting the pitch, came when I was suddenly called to play’. This shows that Lee had been concious of sex for a long time, but his burst for it had only just emerged as he was ‘called to play’. He then writes- ‘There had of course, been early practice at the nets, some of it solitary..”. I found this particular extraction from the ...

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