Dont Get Me Started On Public Transport

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Oh my God, where to start? Everybody who has used some sort of public transport has

Not liked it should be banned or made better


Take a bus for example, it has many seats and a lot of space and you're greeted by the

Worlds happiest, smiley and carefree driver (HA I wish!), instead you are crammed into a

Jam packed bus with a stuck up and stubborn old grumpy and uncooperative driver who needs

To stop every so often for a cigarette or drink and daily shopping because he doesn't have

To go to work, he is already at work! Making the rest of us late for exams, school, work

And LIFE! After dealing with the first hurdle you might think you can rest but oh no! You

Join now!

Now face the grumpy 'general public' with them giving you dirty looks and sitting all

Around you, the only free seats are covered in graffiti and other unmentionable substances

In the corner next to the window and a lonely insomniac weirdo by your side coughing every

Two minutes in your face without covering his mouth and he is constantly wiping his snot.

After finding a seat then you faces the irresponsible teenagers every bus has one.

They are sitting at the back, blasting music out of their new, expensive and top of the

Range model mobile phone calling their 'mates' ...

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