Double Deceit

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Double Deceit

I didn’t know anything about him, until he stepped out of the car.  He looked around, taking in his surroundings, and I realised he was an army man, like I used to be.  He stepped towards me, and asked innocently,

“Excuse me, but is this New London Road?”

I looked carefully at him, quickly recalling the password “No sir, this is New York Avenue”

He shook my hand quickly, and nodded to the car.  No introductions were required.  The less I knew about him the better – for both of us.

I looked out of the windscreen the whole way.  The streets of New York were scary, but right now, the inside of this car was a lot scarier.  I was used to looking at people straight in the eye, I was an army person.  Yet now, that was useless.  This was a different mission.

After a full half-hour of driving, the car suddenly stopped.  The man kept looking at the staring wheel, and said “codename Steve”.  It was understood immediately, and I quickly replied “John”.  No other words were needed.  He quickly blindfolded me, as I had done many prisoners in the war, and drove again.

After an hour, my legs began to hurt.  Being six-foot tall, it was difficult to sit in a car for this long.  I also wanted to itch my hair badly.  I knew that people like ‘Steve’ did not like the idea of me moving my hands around, but I felt as if a dark bug was crawling around my hair, clearly visible on my grey hair.  

We finally reached the destination.  I was taken out of the car, and frisked before I entered.  I knew I had entered the building when I felt a sudden rise in temperature.  My blindfold was removed and I found myself in a room, completely plain.  It was weird.  I had always imagined that terrorists used dark rooms, with cracks everywhere.  This room was different.  There was one chair and one window.  The window had net curtains.

Join now!

“Wait here” Steve switched off the lights as he left the room.  I was very surprised, because he didn’t close the door!  I could simply leave and tell everyone of this place!

I looked around, my senses on high alert.  I was staring outside, when a sudden flash of lightening exposed him.  There was a man, in the building across, watching the window!  No wonder!  It was a test; they wanted to see how reliable I was.  They had under estimated Hasanain Mohamed.  They sincerely thought I would not notice.

I acted as if I had seen nothing, ...

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