Eddie's Diary Entry - "A view from the bridge"

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All my life I’ve been trying to create a blissful loving environment, in my house. All my expectations of life for my family would very probably have come true. However since the day that Marco and Rodolfo arrived all this has changed. A tense environment is what reigns in this house due to our different points of view.

I can accept that I am a bit confused about them hosting in this house but it’s very difficult for me to seem inferior to them. I think that Marco is a good person, he likes to collaborate in some house work, and he is an intelligent man with an amazing future. On the other hand Rodolfo is completely different, he has blonde hair, likes to sew dresses, doesn’t know to fight and sings “Paper Doll,” it’s impossible to have a good impression of him. I think he doesn’t want us to know he is a sissy because he is playing with the feelings of my family and he is trying to trick someone.

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When Rodolfo arrived I thought he was a normal person but it was annoying and shocking when I realized he wasn’t right. He is invading my house and trying to impose new rules and authority, that is unacceptable. I want him to leave my house and let me continue the life I had before we met him. It was such a perfect life when we knew Catherine was going to grow in a disciplined manner with a perfect assured future but now he is spoiling her and ruining the expectations that I had for her future.

Catherine is ...

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