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Educating Rita S&L

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You see, me an' our Susan, or should I say ex our Susan, we we're always close as kids. We always used to hang around with eachother in Primary School. I always knew that she kind of had a thing for me. Yeah, that was the good ol' days, down at St. Beachley Primary School, just me and Susan. I always knew that one day we would get married, but I always pictured us with kids and a nice hot meal on the table, obviously that weren't her picture, her's was her swanning off doing that bloody OU course, while I was stuck at home looking after the house and making cold cheese and cucumber sandwiches only for us two. ...read more.


I remember that one time she had the nerve to try n drag me along with her to go meet her bloomin' OU tutor. What a cheeky cow, hey. I always had a suspicion that her and that OU tutor were doing the dance behind me back. And while she was off and about with her lifeless friends I was where she should be, in the pub having a few drinks with HER mother and father. They were so nice to me, they treated me better then me own parents. And her mum and dad blame the whole divorce on her, they were the ones badgering on about when she wanted to have a baby, an' she still didn't give a toss. ...read more.


Anyway things are a lot better with Melanie, She's a great cook, which is better than I can say for Susan, she does what every other wife does, she's dead similar to me, all she wants to do is settle down and have kids an' guess what else, she's a real hotwire in the bedroom if you know what I mean (WINK AT AUDIENCE). It was dead embarrassing bumping into her like that the other day. She looked dead jealous. An' I know that deep down she wanted to be in Melanie's position, pregnant wi' my baby. But ah well, it's all over between me an' Susan, an' that's that! ...read more.

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