edward sciccorhands review

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Edward SCISSORHANDS review

                          The times                  January 6th 1990

                                   Edward SCISSORHANDS

                          PG         103 mins                          


         Yet again Tim Burton has brought a masterpiece to our screens, this is indefinitely his best work following ‘fankenwenie’ (1984), and ‘batman’ (1989). It's the story of a shy lonely man (Johnny Depp) who finds friends, a lover, and then rejection in the heart of suburbia. Like the best fairytales, the story can be read many ways.
        Scissorhands is arguably Burton’s most personal film, a moving portrait of an imaginative outsider who cannot touch what he desires without harming or damaging it.

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           Tim has brought a great supply of cinematography once again, especially when he pans across the family and introduces them at the same time by doing this. While hearing slow and classical music to represent the difference in feeling from confused to happy and admiration.
         Burton mixes classic fairytale themes to create an original and touching character in Edward. Taken from his gothic castle to a colourful and romanticized suburban neighborhood he changes the lives of the town’s people forever. The first half of the film is very funny, full of ...

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